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Full Moon Morris

How we began...

Full Moon Morris started early in 1997, when six men and women who danced with various local sides in South Wales wanted to "get out more". Initially we learnt three dances to perform when we accompanied Shoostring Appalachian Dancers to the South West of Ireland at Easter 1997. Our first musician joined us at that point, practising the tunes outside our rented cottage on the first day of the trip.
At the time we had no plans beyond that - however such was the interest amongst our travelling companions that many of them joined us in the following months, plus other local dancers once the word got around. By the end of the year we had around 20 dancers and musicians.
And the name...?
Contrary to popular belief, our name is not derived from certain habits of our male members. In fact we take our name from a small hamlet near to Cross Keys in the South Wales valleys. There's not much to see of the hamlet now, but the Full Moon name lives on in a roundabout on the nearby A467 dual carriageway!

Backgrounds by Marie